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Features of Automatic Car Parking System
Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space,
Customized parking solution
Designed and manufactured in India to provide cost effective solutions
Low maintenance and operation cost,
Safety for both car and the driver
Faster parking and retrieval
Eco friendly
Attractive modular design
Cost effective
Saves Time
Easy and cost effective maintenance
Car safety
Safer for drivers
Environment friendly
Types of Automated Car Parking System
2-Step Simple Stacker parking
Puzzle ParkingSystem
Stacker Crane Parking System
Cart Parking System
Level Parking System
Tower Parking System
Chess Parking System
Types of Automated Car Parking System
Automated Car Parking System By PARI
An ideal solution for todays car parking and traffic problem in cities. Automated Car Parking System offers utmost efficiency, convenience, safety & reliability.
PARI was incorporated in 1990 Promoted by Technocrats studied in USA with specialization in Automation and Robotics Systems. With 22 years of experience in material handling and World renowned Parking technology, PARI is well positioned to handle the rapidly growing market all across the globe.

PARI has executed one of the world's biggest fully automatic Car Parking system having more than 2000 car spaces in the project. Several major metro cities of India,PARI has executed number of projects with variety of systems successfully running.PARI is having wide variety of Parking systems around 11 types which includes semi & fully automatic systems.
What is an Automated Car Parking System?
Automated Car Parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically use a system of pallets and lifts. The intention is to compact more cars in the same space, reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars. Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both.
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DLF Chess Parking System Completes one year Operations.

Automated Car Parking System Advantages