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Easy and cost effective maintenance
PARIs Auto Car Parking System is cost effective in terms of maintenance over the conventional parking systems
Saves Time
PARIs Auto Car Parking System reduces parking and retrieval time. Saves time spend in searching for empty parking slots and time spend is searching the parked car. Retrieval on average is 2 to 3 minutes
Types of Automated Car Parking System
2-Step Simple Stacker parking
Puzzle ParkingSystem
Stacker Crane Parking System
Cart Parking System
Level Parking System
Tower Parking System
Chess Parking System
Types of Automated Car Parking System
Features of PARIs Auto Car PARKING system
Salient Features of the systems:
Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space,
Customized parking solution
Designed and manufactured in India to provide cost effective solutions
Low maintenance and operation cost,
Safety for both car and the driver
Faster parking and retrieval
Eco Friendly
Attractive Modular design
Safety Features of the systems:
MLCPS provide complete safety to a vehicle as parked cars are not accessible to anyone else
Damages or a dent to the car is avoided while parking through arrow drive wa
Possible Accessories for the system:
Fancy cladding
Remote operated retrieval system
Fire fighting sprinklers
Failsafe Features:
Manual Car Retrieval option
Area sensor protection for Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Parking Systems
Brakes Motor Energized to disengage
Multi Rope lifting for each pallet
Free fall protection for car on first level and above
Andon Displays for Full or vacant parking for fully automated parking system