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Safer for drivers
Drivers collect their cars from secure waiting areas; thus they do not have to walk through a car park alone and are less vulnerable
Car Safety
PARIs Auto Car Parking System provides improved security, safety for the cars. Cars parked are free from theft and damages that can e caused while parking and retrieving.
Types of Automated Car Parking System
2-Step Simple Stacker parking
Puzzle ParkingSystem
Stacker Crane Parking System
Cart Parking System
Level Parking System
Tower Parking System
Chess Parking System
Types of Automated Car Parking System
Why PARI's Auto Car Parking System?
PARI Technology
PARIs 22 years experience in material handling makes PARIs Auto Car Parking System the Ultimate solution to metropolitan parking problems.

Cost Effective
Engineered, manufactured and tested in India makes the system cost effective.

Customized Solution
PARI Auto Car Parking Systems are designed as per customers requirement and site conditions. PARI can design system even for existing buildings.

PARI Experience
PARI can boast of more that 400 trained designers. With dedicated Research and Development team.

PARI Quality
PARI is an ISO 9001-2000 certified.

PARIs World Class Facilities
PARI has world class manufacturing and testing facilities at Pune.

Flexible Design
PARI Auto Car Parking System can accommodate SUVs and luxury cars.

World Class Service
PARI with its vast network provides world class service round the clock.
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